Photography workshop 
and competition

In May 2021 we conducted a photography workshop showing our members how utilise different techniques to take photos on their smartphones. Our members love to take photos when they are out and about and posting them on our ‘Whats up’ social media group. We met at Victoria Embankment and went over how to take Landscape and Portrait shots and how to use angles and standing at different heights to get the best photo.

In June we had a competition and prize giving where we challenged our members to submit their best photos using the techniques they had learnt.
In 1st place was Jeremy with his photo of a deer by the lake at Wollaton Park and in 2nd place was Bobby with his beautiful photo of some flowers!
We used a worksheet created for the members to give prompts about how to use certain techniques and so they could take it away to reference whenever they practise their skills!

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