Open Mind Funders

We could not provide the wonderful services that we do if it were not for our supportive funders and donors.  
2022-23 has been a dreadful year for charities seeking funds. We have been no exception and many of our local beneficiaries like boots were unable to support us. However, we have been able to rely on reserves and smaller amounts of funding.

We would like to thank the Bailey Thomas Trust, Lady Hind Trust, Nottingham General Dispensary, Haramead Trust, Fifty Fund, Sir John Eastwood, Jones 1986, the Co-op foundation and the Hanley Trust.

All of these funders have donated to the ongoing services provided to our members.

Our Regular funders include:
The Co-op
The Co-op Foundation has provided support to develop our on-line service offering support to members at times of vulnerability when peer support is not immediately available.

Our Funders

In no particular order

Lady Hind

Has provided long-term support to our on-going work. They have in the past assisted us in providing a package of support through the pandemic and afterwards in the recovery of small services like ours. This year we are launching a new member led book project one of the many initiatives the trust has helped us fund.

Dorsi Spinal Institute. Nottingham

A local clinic run by one of our board of trustees and specialises in the treatment of scoliosis for all ages, especially growing children. 

The Freemasons Charity

Enabled us to develop our infrastructure by providing funding for equipment and support services. This support forms part of our campaigning work in moving our service boundaries, for example, providing publicity material online or in printed form to referral groups.

The Jones 1986 Foundation

Have been a supporter of our service for many years and their awards have assisted us develop our internal services and our network of partner groups.
There are many other donors from various parts of the United Kingdom that also recognise the value of what we do in terms of removing barriers to isolation and nip in the bud potential mental health problems through ongoing lack of contact amongst like minded peers. However, due to the demand on their funds they distribute smaller amounts to as many worthy causes, as possible. We appreciate that they must evaluate more than just the value of the service, but also its sustainability. We have worked hard to provide organisational structures to manage their donations. Like many other grateful services we thank them.

Would you like to donate to Open Minds?

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